Composition pipeline output wrong color

I’m currently debugging a color issue in the Composure pipeline. There are multiple posts about this issue already in the Forum, and the answer is always: Make a Gamma correction or sRGB conversion. This is just ■■■■. Both do not result in a correct result. Why would we even need to fix it? If I put a texture in the composition pipeline without applying any transform passes, it should output exactly as it was input.

Here is the Pipeline:

And here the outputs:

The result shows that the output of the BlackMagic Media Output is darker then the input. The Input image is shown in the Texture Viewer, the BlackMagic Output is shown in the Output Preview viewer of the Composure output element (the output is piped out via SDI to another screen and looks the same there, thus the window itself should not be the problem).

In the Screenshot the Output to the RenderTarget also looks different compared to the input. In the editor its exactly the same, don’t ask me why.

I also added some debug textures into the composure pipeline in C++ and they look the same as the input (intermediate results).

For some weird reason the MediaOutput (In this case BlackMagic) changes the color of the image. Any idea what could be the reason?

I also encountered such a problem, is there a solution?