Complications from BSP to Static Mesh. Collision issues with large rotating fan (platform)

Brand new to Unreal Editor so my bad if I do a poor job of explaining the problem, here it goes:

 Im trying to recreate Zanzibar from Halo2 in Unreal Tournament alpha, there is a big rotating fan in this map that players should be able to ride by stepping into it. Ive got the fan to rotate and collisions enabled but at certain angles the player pawn goes right through the fan blades, some make sense to me like when his head hits the top he will glitch thru basically every time... but others dont make sense like when the blade is flat on the ground it should sweep the player along the bottom and up the side of my fan, but instead I can walk thru blades in bottom position...the blades will pull me up the side if I jump at the right time. For some reason the inner circle has no collision issues, only the fan blades. (Circle is clean BSP geometry while fan blades are trapezoids I made by dragging a box's vertex pairs, perhaps this is the issue?)

Steps Ive taken so far:

1.Create fan using add/subtract bsp geometry
2. Select everything but outer rim of fan and convert the whole thing into one big static mesh, inner fan+blades is now single static mesh with outer ring that is still BSP cylinder
3. Make sure static mesh is “Moveable” and add rotation 12deg/s
4. Edit new static mesh, collision, “use complex as simple”
5. Fan now turns properly and has some collisions, the inner ring works well but the player pawn often glitches through fan blades and the wedge platforms I attatched on the end for increased surface area…they do collide at times, dont have any issue raising the player up but refuse to sweep player along the ground for some reason.

Ive been reading up for a few days and havent found much yet to help explain why this is happening, things Ive tried so far that dont work:

-creating individual collision boxes for each fan blade and manually placing them, then using simple and simple+complex seperately
-Increasing size of fan to ridiculous proportions
-Continuous Collision Checking
-going back and modifying original bsp fanblades/platforms to be wider, then make new static mesh
***Slowing down the fan to 2deg/s makes it somewhat useable but you can still see the player clipping through fanblades before his position gets resolved.

More than happy to post footage or images for this just not sure what protocol is for uploading footage. If needed let me know and Ill send it