Complex door open/close with animations BP ideas?

Hello, I’m new to programming and Unreal Engine. In my project I wanted to make character open doors in a more realistic way; so i am trying to get the character to play door opening animation (With character armature) and door animation itself at the same time and match them up. My question is how to get both door and character animations play at the same time as game detects on which side of the door the player is and if door is open? I know, the problem is not very clear so any ideas that might help are highly apperaciated.

More details:
-There will be multiple animations for ex: “Open door loud from inwards, Close door stealth from outwards, etc…”. and all are played on both Character and door.
-When played animation, character moves to certain location & rotation in order to hands to match with door’s animation.
-I tried to add two collision components on the door (one for inside & one for outside) in order to determine in which side the character is.
-If i were to add a target point for the player location & rotation inside and outside the door, should i have to repeat the same for all of the doors in the map since i think target points can’t be parented to components.
-I am not seeking to do a simple 90 degree rotation on the door, instead I will try using pre-created animations i made.

The attachment is the basic blueprint i’m trying to make it work and it does not work well as it is too complicated.

Thank you for your attention regarding this post.

I would use bone animations, and an make a child bp of your base parent door, (that has all the functionality), then as long as you make the different animations have variables in the parent bp you can set them to the animation you want in each child, and change the mesh etc. You can use most about anything to determine the target point, Id recommend an arrow component, just set it where you want the player to be in the parent bp and make sure its hidden in game.

// I hope I understood your question correctly.

@Kipplinger, thank you for responding. I used bone animations on both character and door. So to clearify your response, I can create child bp’s on the door and make child bp’s contain animation details such as when to trigger the animation and stuff? To determine where the player is inside or outside, I created two collision boxes. Is there any other way to determine where the player is? Thank you…

there are many different ways to do this, but as a quick suggestion - make a custom event in the animBp with a int variable, connect that to a select node and feed in your differing animations by setting said int variable when calling the event.

// good luck

Oh seems I was to hasty, and answered the wrong thing ^^
You can use some vector math to determine where an actor is, for example “How to tell what side of an object I'm on? - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums”. But having 2 triggers is a valid way imo.