completely deactivate indirect lighting probes

so i’m trying to get a real high quality vid out of unreal. to archive what i’m looking for its nessecary to combine Raytracing with Baked Lights. All Assets that need to be baked are set to static, while the other ones are set to moveable to recieve just dynamic lights.
But after lightbaking it always produces this lightseams because of the indirect lighting probes, which i can’t deactivate.

Switching from Volumetric Lightmap to Sparse doesnt change anything, also tried to set the minimum MB to zero.
Found a console command “r.IndirectLightingCache” but it doesn’t do anything.

Couldnt find anything in the forums, cant believe that nobody else ever encountered this.

What are you hoping it will look like by disabling volume lighting?

black of course for all areas that arent lit using baked lighting (get lit using dynamic raytracing afterwards) .atm the problem is that a moveable mesh, which isnt even close to the lighmass importance volume (where the ILC is calculated for) is picking up those streaks all across the map because its sampling the indirect chache EVERYWHERE, and that is what i’m trying to avoid

I don’t know that there is any way to turn them off when using baked lighting. Most scenes require a mix of baked/dynamic light but very rarely does anyone want the movable meshes to just be black when not in direct light. So I’m not sure any effort has been made to accomadate this use case.

What you might consider doing is baking all of the meshes as static, then once the lighting is baked down, switch them to movable. They’ll still be receiving indirect lighting, but it will be more consistent because you won’t have huge holes in your map when you’re baking the volumetric lightmap.

hm thx for you feedback. that would do that trick, but unfortunately the scene is too big to bake them out temporalily.

meanwhile the difference of baked and moveable gets more extrem with every new lightbuild:

just recognized that indirectlightingcache set to 0 at least deactivates the lighting cache for foliage, so maybe i need to turn my non foliage into foliage actors…