Complete Noob to Blue Prints, Question About Jet Engine Particle Effect

Hi everyone, I’m new to Unreal Engine 4, so I followed a guide in this video,
I was trying to make a space combat game and that video looked like a good place to start,

I have a ship mesh with added two separate meshes for engine left and engine right,

and everything works like in the video, the left and right engine light up when you move back or forward in any direction,

now I want to make the left and right engine meshes show jet exhaust effect or particles when I move backward or forward, off when i don’t move,

how would I even begin this?

The only way I got this far was from copying exact instructions, otherwise I would even know how to make the ship move or anything lol,

I know I’m asking for long instructions but maybe a pointer in the right direction would also help a lot,

here is how the blueprint looks like for color light up when the ship moves: