Complete FPS Starter Kit from Ironbelly

[SIZE=4] Cash in on the Epic Summer Sale and grab BOTH Starter Kits on SALE:**
[SIZE=4]Check out Ironbelly FPS Weapons In Action in these projects:

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds:

**Onward: **

**Hover Junkers: **

**Hotdogs, Horsehoes & Hand Grenades: **

FPS Starter Kit # 1](Animated FPS Firearms Starter Kit #1 in Weapons - UE Marketplace)[/SIZE]

FPS Starter Kit # 2](Animated FPS Firearms Starter Kit #2 in Weapons - UE Marketplace)**
Both packs include fully rigged and animated FP arms with ALL of the functionality created in Blueprints (which are included in the pack).** [/SIZE][/SIZE]

**The FPS Starter Pack # 1 Includes: **

  • NEW VFX Muzzle Flash
  • NEW Animations (10) such as aim and walk and fire and raise
  • 2 AAA quality Pistols
  • 2 AAA quality Assault Rifles
  • 2 AAA quality SMGs
  • 2 AAA quality Shotguns
  • 1 AAA quality Sniper Rifle
  • Modern Bullets Pack (17 static meshes)
  • 7 AAA quality weapon Attachments
  • FP Arms (male, female, skin tone variations, sleeve textures)


FPS Starter Kit # 2 Includes:

  • NEW VFX Muzzle Flash
  • NEW Animations (10) such as aim and walk and fire and raise
  • 44 Mag Pistol
  • Desert Eagle Pistol
  • G18 Pistol
  • XM8 SMG
  • MP7A1
  • AK47 AR
  • SKS
  • Modern Bullets Pack (17 static meshes)
  • 7 AAA quality weapon Attachments
  • FP Arms (male, female, skin tone variations, sleeve textures)

Forgot to mention that right now it’s 50% off on SALE for $125 :slight_smile: Fill yer boots!!

Seems like a nice package :slight_smile:

You are specifically mentioning FPS games as a use case, I assume these will also fit nicely in a third person shooter? (without using the FP arms)

Any simple blueprints for enemy AI shooters?

Hey there! The weapons were designed to be used in first person, but we also include multiple LODs for each weapon in the pack, which fits nicely for third person shooters as well!

Hey @malosal, just to be clear, are you asking if there are any blueprints for enemy shooters in the pack? (There aren’t) Or do you mean do we know of any on the Marketplace? (I’m sure there are). Or are you asking if we’re developing any? We’re not :slight_smile:

Wow brilliant value for money even at full price :open_mouth:

May I ask how long the sale will last for as I might consider picking it up next week if the sale is still on :slight_smile:

if i miss out on the sale I’ll most likely pick up the pack up anyways within the next month or two as currently my efforts are focused on plugin development over games development so no rush on my part :wink:

I love this. I will be buying this shortly. Any chance you’ll be adding even more animations? Like prone, interact/pickup, melee, etc?

I believe we have all of our unarmed animations in here as well which should include interact, pickup and punching, but I will check on that for you.

Because of how big of a deal this pack is for us we’ve requested that Epic extend it for a full 2 weeks just this once. After that’s done I imagine we will put this back on sale in 6-8 months but definitely not for 50% off, so fill yer boots while you can

in case you wanted a closeup view of the AKS74U to see the kind of quality you can expect with our weapons, here’s a sketchfab model for you


WOW it looks great!
What is the maps that each gun include? Is it ok for GunWorks? (

btw, the level that in the demo video is included?

Just curious when exactly is the cutoff date for the sale as I’m expecting another payment to roll in around the 10th to 12th of October Australian time (our nation’s people are all time travelers so we are a day ahead of most other countries)

As depending on the sale cutoff date I may consider holding off on purchasing this pack for this week so I can take advantage of some other sales which are currently going on both here on the UE4 Marketplace and elsewhere on the interwebz :cool:

@Ironbelly this looks like a great pack just a few questions? the video demos a basic weapon system just wanted to know how in-dept it is or is it just running off Epics basic weapon logic like the 1st person template has? it seems all the weapons spawn projectiles rather than using a line trace. thanks

make a flaregun as a pack like the deagle pack :smiley:

We’ve got the blueprints in there, but not the level we used to demo. Thanks!

@Axxi We’ll make sure to add that one to the list :slight_smile:

Hey there, the sale ends October 11th :slight_smile:

please answer my question thanks?

Im pretty sure the pack doesn’t include any sort of blueprints beyond just showing off the features (since none of their independent packs are any different). If youre looking for a working FPS template there is one here (not to self promote) that I am working on that has native compatibility with Ironbellys weapons.

Hey sorry about the delay, just trying to understand your question. The packs doesn’t include an FPS template for a flushed out game, but we have animations for raise/lower, walk, etc. Hope that answers your question and again, sorry for not getting back to you earlier.