Complete FPS Starter Kit from Ironbelly

Thanks the title is a little misleading along with the demo video, normally a FPS Starter Kit would include some basic weapon logic, this is more a FPS model kit, any ways look forwards to picking it up very nice work.

Well don’t get me wrong there is a fair bunch of weapon logic in here. Triggers for all of the animation, the functionality of the attachments and what not. Just no damage logic or ammunition… yet :slight_smile:

Hey Ironbelly, I was asking if you were including in the pack simple AI to shoot at. Ok, thanks for the info!

Hey @malosal, as you probably figured out, the pack does not include AI to shoot at, but that’s a great idea for the future! Cheers!


Only down side we already have all of your stuff :wink:


How about a knife pack? No so much after the model but the animations you value add. :wink:

Hey @FrankieV its something we’ve sort of already started working on, just have to polish and package up. Chances are we’ll be getting it ready for the holidays with any luck!

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY the pack will be discounted (50% off) so if you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger, NOW is the time!

We’ve just launched FPS Starter Kit # 2 with all of the other weapons that weren’t included in the first pack, including the NEW American Classic Shotgun! AND to say thanks to the community for being awesome, we’ve put both packs on sale at 50% Off! Fill yer boots folks!

Hey, Awesome kit, but i can’t turn in the demo. I am getting the following compiler errors on the character blueprint:

The demo project is missing the input actions you can ether replace them with static ones or add those ones back in the project settings.

Hi, is the Desert Eagle supposed to be missing the ADS Walk animation for kit #2?

Hey @OveRated_AU thanks for your help! We were buried under some snow during the holidays and missed this :slight_smile:
@daveREspawn- it’s not supposed to be missing, so we’ll look into this ASAP and push through an update. Cheers!

Nice one, thanks for the quick response.

We’ve decided after looking at a couple of things and talking it through, that we’re dropping the price of the FPS kits to $199 going forward!! Fill yer boots!

I missed the sale of the FPS Starter Kit # 2 any idea when it go on sale again ?

I’ve got the pack. I will say it’s amazing. So far I placed your basic player character with the SK in my FPS. I just can’t figure out how your changing weapons. I try to recreate what you have in the demo map and can’t seem to get it to work.

Hey @Denmengel, thanks for reaching out. In the demo, you change weapons by hitting “e” and so if you copied it over, you should be able to hit “e” to change the weapon. Let us know if that isn’t working for you!

Actually, I would like to do it without the interaction area. Say my character has both the rifle and the pistol and changes between the two with a keystroke.

Hey @Denmengel, that sounds like something custom to do with your blueprints. Unfortunately, since its something you are creating on your end we don’t have a way to know whats happening from our end of things. Thanks!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be looking forward to buy this pack soon. I bought the assault rifle pack the other day and have had no issues, other than mesh clipping (the stock of the Scar-H and SKS go into my shoulder lol), implementing it into my third person shooter.

My only suggestion would be to add sounds for your weapons. Besides this, I am one happy customer.