Complaints about blurry VR? How do I make it crisp?

So I’ve heard a lot of people associating UE4 VR with blurry resolution, what are some tips to make the visuals as crisp as possible? Any recommended settings? Forward Rendering is a must, but what about Screen Percentage and MSAA?

Im not sure what the recommended screen percentage is or what most use but 200 with msaa at 2 seems pretty good. The new forward renderer makes things nice and sharp but losing certain effects is a shame.

It would be interesting to see what tweaks people now use with all engine improvements we’ve had.

MSAA is exactly what makes image сrisp.

The basics are forward rendering and MSAA. Screen percentage will also help a lot, but it eats performance. I would leave it as a setting, with the default at GTX 970 levels (if targeting Rift and/or Vive).

Temporal AA makes everything really blurry, don’t use it. The default screen percentage is something like 140, don’t go lower. Set it as high as you can while maintaining performance, it helps a lot, especially with things like text.