complain about not getting support from sellers

hello, i bought a few packages from the marketplace, some of them had some issues, i tried to contact the sellers without any success.

don’t know for sure if i got bad luck choosing my sellers or the sellers from the marketplace don’t care about support they products.

so far i have contacted 4 sellers, only one of them answer me with a vague response and when i asked him again he ignored me.

is there a contact form to contact the sellers that i’m not aware of it? or is good to contact the seller with the mail that appear on it’s product?

i don’t want to put names of sellers or packages here to avoid problems, but if the seller has a product on the marketplace he/she must be understand that technical support is an important part from the product.

has anyone suffered this situation or is just me and my bad luck choosing packages with bad support?

It varies from seller to seller how active they are supporting the customers. The e-mail provided when you click the seller name on the product page is the 1st line of contact. If there is no support at all you can contact and provide details on the product, seller and issues you are having, if the seller answered and you are not satisfied you should also include the questioning and responses aswel.

Some people want to just “release” something and never look back at it again…
They usually won’t answer emails, won’t help users to resolve problems, and whatever sells is a win for them; a little extra money.

“Smart buyers” often make questions or send emails BEFORE buying anything.
If the seller is that kind of guy just looking for a quick-buck then it’s easier to know it that way.

i will take this as a new practice to avoid this kind of problem, thank you.

thank you i will try to do that.

quick question :

am i one of those ?

i usually check my asset though.

I’m sorry to hear that this has been your experience with the marketplace. If there is an issue with a product and the sellers aren’t responding to support requests at all, you should contact [EMAIL=“”] and inform them of what you’re experiencing. They will get in contact with the seller and help to set things right.


Name & Shame… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a fan of self-censorship when it comes to UE4’s Marketplace or any marketplace.
It just feels like rewarding failure and hurts other buyers without actually fixing anything.
Have you posted at least in the Comments directly on the vendor’s marketplace page?
Worth a shot maybe… Even if sometimes Comments mysteriously just vanish off there…

We don’t get notifications for comments on the asset, and this forum barely works at all, so make sure you are sending emails. If the seller doesn’t respond, ask Epic for a refund.

no, you don’t.

i wrote a few moments a go in the sellers page about the problem, i’m just waiting to see what happens. i will give the creator a few days. (but i sent an email yesterday, no response at the moment, also a have sent an email on march 12 without any response)

the main reason of my complain is that i figure out how to fix or make a workaround with the packages (not a big deal, i’m used to do so); the big problem came with a character package that i choose to be the main character of my game and it’s not working with root motions and i don’t know how to fix it.

i’m really shocked by this situation, when i was working with unity i bought some assets from it’s marketplace and i contacted the support 6 times, the support there was quick and helpful. i was thinking that at the ue4 marketplace the support will be better.

any way, i hope the creator give some answer, if that is not the case i will try to contact the marketplace support.

p.s.: i’m thinking in a workaround if i can’t figure out something i will change my character.

I think you have to also take in consideration the fact that GDC was just around the corner, and that the feedback from sellers varies a lot.
Personally i answer every one of my emails, even when the questions go out of topic sometimes (but that’s just me).

Marketplace support will usually respond immediately, but will give the seller a period of time to answer before forcing a refund though.
The answer time also varies greatly if you’re counting business days, some devs do not respond on weekends, so maybe try to insist now if you sent the mail near weekend.

I’d say that it varies from seller to seller. I consider myself one of the more responsive ones but even then some of my replies can take a few days to arrive,especially if i’m busy my full time job. Another issue is that I get contacted by customers through a lot of different sources and I have to manually check them all because Epic doesn’t really help with this.

I’ve even setup a freshdesk customer support email to be contacted on for support questions and when people do use it , I can provide support faster. But not all people use it. Some of them use :

Forum Thread - I check it every few days. Again no email notifications even though I should be subscribed to it.
PM - I check them even more rarely. I sometimes get notifications , most of the times I don’t.
Comments on my product page - I get no notifications and I barely check it.

Personally I encourage all sellers to setup one of those custmer support packages and all customers to start using those for support requests. It won’t fix the issue but it should alleviate it some.

here the reason :

  1. we seller are very busy, also want to prepare new items.
  2. to be honest, low buyer : low customer support. usually seller didn’t want to bother item that didnt sell well after long time.
  3. totally forgotten about the items.

but mostly, we seller didn’t have time anyway. also low buyer putting us off. and most buyer go for blueprint stuff. while artist start to not bothering their asset anymore.

i still have faith with my item however (a little).

we are all busy, we all have day jobs, and we do other things apart from working on a project using ue4.

in my opinion if a seller don’t want to give support from the items he/she sells on the marketplace, he/she must retire the items from the marketplace, is like you buy a new laptop and the laptop came with some issue, then when you go to the store to ask for support, the tech guy told you that he don’t want to support you because he is very busy with others things.

is the same case here, the only diference is we are buying digital items here and we can’t see the owner.

Please don’t speak on behalf of all sellers of the marketplace like this. There is really no excuse for not returning customer emails, period. Only thing I can think of is if the creator didn’t actually receive it. But ignoring isn’t justifiable at all. If someone isn’t going to have the time to support the product then it shouldn’t be submitted to the marketplace. Support comes with the territory, and it should be expected.

i totally agree with you!

thank you for a good answer about this!

No need to thank me at all. I just honestly feel bad that this has been your experience with the marketplace. It isn’t good for you because of the trouble you have to go through, and it isn’t good for sellers overall because even though it’s one person it’s a poor reflection of the UE4 marketplace experience. As I mentioned before, I would get in contact with Particularly with the case of the seller who made contact, but then began to ignore you. Good luck, and please keep us posted.

yes. I just stating the possibility of seller.

thats al.

well whenever i have an issue and i complain in the comments i get responces… and they usualy help me. but sometimes its a month before they reply.

Many assets have their own support thread (or release notification post) here on the forums.
If the author can’t be bothered to support their own product, you might at least get some help there from other users if such a thread exists.
It doesn’t fix the underlying problem with the seller, but it might help solve the issue at hand.

I would advise against using the comment section on the marketplace to ask for support (due to the lack of a notification system), but it might be a viable option as an additional reminder and to let other potential customers see that there’s an issue.

Though, to play devil’s advocate, there also is the real possibility of lost emails etc., it doesn’t necessarily have to be negligence or ill intent.

Other than that, email is the way to go, which you already tried with enough time gone by.
If the seller doesn’t respond (for whatever reason), the only way forward is contacting Epic staff, as others have pointed out.

Hope all turns out well.

updating the post, i wrote the seller today again to wait until Tuesday to contact epic support.

i just want to get the package working, i don’t even want a refund, i only want to get the model working with the root motion.