Compiling UE 4 first time - Unable to read module manifest

After compiling successfully for the first time without errors when trying to launch UE4Editor.exe I get the following error

Any CPP experts care to tell me what is possibly happening?

I’ve never seen that error. What build config is this, I’m guessing Development Editor is usually the default?

Thanks for the reply. Many hours later have made some progress.
Now am able to compile with only some warnings but get the following repeated error on launching an instance from VS2017

Not sure if this is possibly related to my Visual Studio configuration or??

Ok update in case it might help others.
I think the issue was an incorrect Visual Studio configuration. I was missing the NuGet package. After modifying my install, a ran Setup.bat once more then GenerateProjectFiles.bat.
Recompiled once more and voila!

You may also be on an outdated version of VS. All you really need is the latest version of the free community edition.

I am getting the same error with 4.26.2 default source, after the project was built with VS 2019 successful as Development Server.

4.27 source built fine, and runs fine.

Today downloaded 4.26.2 again with Git,
and Setup.bat gave no download interruptions - build went fine.