Compiling UE 4.14 or later


is it possible to compile UE 4.14 or later via VS 2013 on win 8.1 … not VS 2015?


Well, did you at least try ? :smiley:

you mean it’s possible … i can’t download 5 GB VS 2013 if i can’t to compile UE with this :\

All right here is my answer:

According to the official documentation link text you can’t. I wouldn’t get into this myself cause it would be probably painfull to make it work. Also, even if it’s possible, the chance that your engine build breaks in the next few UE4 updates will be high. So you will have to maintain yourself the build etc etc.

Maybe it’s possible, but I really discourage you to do so. Go for 2015 and your life will be easy :smiley:

Good luck.
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well … my problem is on successful install of .net 4.6 , VS 2015 can’t detect it on win 8.1 :[

I suggest you post your issue on StackOverflow instead cause it’s not related to Unreal Engine. And you will have more answer.
But I would bet 1000$ that the answer can be VERY VERY EASILY found with a quick google search.

thanks for your reply.

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