Compiling takes really long time

guys does anybody know why compiling times are so high in visual studio while i watch other people and it usually takes 20 second for them to compile but for me it’s around 500 seconds even if I change 1 little word in the code and there’s like 70 lines of code it still takes 10 minutes to compile which is pain in the back. Does anybody have a solution to this?

Compilation times are very CPU dependent as far as I know, so I assume the people you watch have better hardware.

Even on an i9 and SSD sometimes the C++ compiler just seem to crash…
if more than 30 seconds pass, I cancel and restart compiler processes.

cancelling Doesn’t help I also have got a SSD 970 pro and an i7 8700k, so hardware is not the issue.

I vaguely remember something about VS, that you may have to override some setting to allow the usage of multiple cores. I don’t know, maybe you’ll find something.

I had this issue when I first started using UE4, but it turned out my all-in-one PC was not up to it. I would wait ages for compilation.

Now I am using my Alienware desktop from 2014 and it has an i7 4th-gen quad core/8 threads and an AMD RX 480 graphics card. I put in an SSD as well. Glad to say, UE4 is running really fast. :slight_smile:

Are you using VS 2019? I don’t recall making an changes in VS. I think (don’t quote me on this), the discrete graphics card helps a lot.

Like I said my all-in-one was slow as it used a low-end CPU with a GPU that only had 3 compute units!

I usually compile projects using Unreal’s bat script that VS uses to compile. I wrap it around a makefile and use make. Try running Unreal’s bat file directly once to see what happens.

That being said I don’t recall compilation taking so long in VS but maybe my projects are not that big.

10 minutes means something’s wrong. Some corrupted files or something. Or you’re running out of RAM and paging to disk – how much RAM do you have?


follow the 7th post in this thread, it is a “life saver”

I recently tossed UE4 on an NvME drive and it’s cut my compile times by 90%, especially if there’s lots of header files that it needs to seek out and read. Definitely worth it if that’s in your PC budget.

quick update: I had to do a clean installation of windows, Visual studio, and unreal engine and right now the compiling times are way down around 70 seconds. I guess there was some corrupted file that was causing the issue. thanks everybody who responded.

I have a similar complaint but would have assumed a Core i7-3820 with 4 cores would have been adequate. I do however have my game projects on a platter drive, and will migrate them to my SSD. At times the compile does seems to get stuck for > 45 seconds. I can usually remedy this with a Rebuild All in VS 2019. Sometimes Unreal Editor will hold something open and prevent the compiler from deleting it too.