Compiling more than 20K shaders??

I’ve just re-opened my project 2 hours ago and suddenly I see there are more than 20K shaders that need to be compiled??
so this is basically takes hours… is that possible??
By the way I cannot work anymore to my project if that happens again!!

How do you solve this ?

I’m desperate. Please help …

Ok so basically I got a solution from a youtube video where the author basically remove material from Landscape, save the project, quit UE4, reopen it and re-apply material shader to the landscape and it seems to work.

I’m gonna try this method but it of course it’s coming very annoying.

Any other way?

Hi, I was experiencing something like this but with 90-180k shaders. It appears, according to some posts, that this is a bug in 4.24 with tesselation in material. I’ve since updated to 4.25 and I haven’t had that issue since.

.25 is still a beta (let’s say with .24 I learned my lesson of not moving off a stable release with an active project).

What works for me is to just force quit and re-open the editor. It will go and compile some 6k shaders instead of 20k or 40k.

particularly, if you edit the material again before the initial change has been computed, the editor doesn’t stop the old computation.
so shutting it down and re-opening forces the old computation to stop and the new ones only to be processed.

Hi guys, ok yes, I’ve been forced to do the same! Brutally closing the editor and re-open it. Hope as ik_88said it will be sollved in .25
For now I’ll keep working this way but I think I cannot tesselllate the Landscape properly.