Compiling C++

I copied my game after I downloaded the update 4.13 and renamed my project.
Now I get an error if I want to compile my c++ code.

This is my error: Bild nicht gefunden -

I have a standard C++ Code and didnt change something.
I think I have to rename something in the code from my old game name into my new game name.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is your new project name the exact same as your old project?

You will need to go through your code and rename anything that doesn’t have the correct name. This is probably a pretty tedious process and I cannot give you a definitive list of what needs to change as there is probably a lot you’ve done that I don’t know about.

With that said, it might be easier to re-make the classes in the new project and copy the body of the code to the new classes, compiling as you go so you can catch any name changes.

no it isn´t the same name.

I just re renamed the project into my old name and will do you thing in the future, thanks