Compiler dont debug some lines

i have a wired Problem.
Visual Studio dont debug every line. Sometimes i just cant read a variable and sometimes i cant debug/step into a function. The code get executed sucessful though.

Any ideas what could be causing this ?

To debug your game code you want to build in DebugGame mode. To debug the engine code, it’s just plain Debug mode. Development mode (i.e. “Development Editor”) is the usual, and Shipping mode is for full optimization and some other things.

Thank u for the answer! I think it fixed my Problem thank u. Im quite new to unreal, and i didnt thought it would refer my work if i use develop/debug. I thought debug generates extra info in unreal or something.

Must have something to do with the unreal generated classes, cause it always happened when i tried to call a function in blueprints or tried to access propertys.
Thanks !