Compiled Blueprint Project crashing after adding code


I am working on learning C++ for UE4. I have a basic Blueprint project and I want to add code to it. Using the Code Wizard, I added an Actor Class. I then build the solution, but Hot Reload (using 4.5) is not working. If I then close down the UE4 Editor and try to reopen the project file, the Editor will crash and I can no longer open the project.

I was able to create an empty code project, compile and open the editor and then use the Wizard to add a class. The Hot Reload works when I recompile the solution. I have been building with Development Editor configuration.

Is it possible to add code to a Blueprint project?

I have tried this on both Mac and PC. The issue I described above is on PC using Visual Studio Express Desktop. I mainly working on mac, but I can’t even get the C++ basic template to work. It will compile, but the Actor class I added through the Wizard is not available in the Editor.