Compile and run the ue4.26 source code, the Debug version of the startup process exits abnormally

I used VS2019 to compile the ue4.26 source code successfully under windows10, but when I started the debugger, the system exited abnormally.
According to my observation, it is mainly caused by the failure of LoadPhysicsLibrary and LoadPhysicsLibrary during LoadPhysXModules. The log is printed in the output window:

“UE4Game-Win64-Debug.exe”(Win32): loaded “E:\UEProjects\UnrealEngine\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\PhysX3\Win64\VS2015\PxFoundationDEBUG_x64.dll”。
“UE4Game-Win64-Debug.exe”(Win32):unload “E:\UEProjects\UnrealEngine\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\PhysX3\Win64\VS2015\PxFoundationDEBUG_x64.dll”
[2021.05.19-14.10.21:407][ 0]LogWindows: Failed to load ‘…/…/…/Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/PhysX3/Win64/VS2015/PxFoundationDEBUG_x64.dll’ (GetLastError=126)
[2021.05.19-14.10.21:408][ 0]LogWindows: Missing import: MSVCP140D_APP.dll
[2021.05.19-14.10.21:408][ 0]LogWindows: Missing import: VCRUNTIME140D_APP.dll
[2021.05.19-14.10.21:408][ 0]LogWindows: Looked in: …/…/…/Engine/Binaries/Win64

I found that a dependent dynamic library (VCRuntime40D_APP.dll) was missing by checking the dependencies

This question bothers me very much, please help me to answer it, I am very grateful