Compilation fails for some targets in Test/Shipping Configuration

This may boil down to how the UE4 Visual Stuidio solution is supposed to be used.

I typically use Ctrl+Shift+B to build the entire solution on a regular basis (if I’m not in a hurry). This tends to build out every target within the solution and works fine for Debug, DebugGame and Development (Editor + non-Editor) configuration. In Test/Shipping, however, the target UnrealFrontend attempts to build itself, and fails (In Profiler/ProfilerClient/UnrealFrontend modules).

My question, then, is - are we not supposed to use Ctrl+Shift+B for building solution, OR should the Configurations be updated to ensure what’s not supposed to be built in Shipping, is not built, OR should the code involved be updated to reflect how they should behave in Shipping/Test configs?