Competitive multiplayer from scratch in about 2 hours

I’ve put together a screen cast showing how to set up a project from scratch to use the UEtopia plugin and example code. This is a boilerplate example, and you can add your game logic and assets to it.

See it in action:

Competitive Matchmaker Demo

Disclaimer: This is still pre-Alpha. There are likely bugs. Things can change. If something does not work for you or you get stuck, let me know!

I am looking for feedback, and I want to establish relationships with developers that are interested in this. Please get in touch.

Is it mandatory that you have to use the Web portal? I might have missed a part discussing it, but it just seems counter-intuitive. No offense.

Other then that its nice seeing people tackle matchmaking. Anyone considering releasing any type of competitive game needs it.

Hi Arixsus.

Thanks for the response!

Yeah, the backend is mandatory. All of the magic happens there.

It is handling creating and destroying the dedicated servers, matching up the users by rank and region, all of the associated database functionality. And, it’s designed to scale. UE communicates with it via the online subsystem, so it’s a standard interface.

I understand the back-end needs to be there. I was meaning the web portal itself. It doesn’t need to be open on the players end for matchmaking to work correct?xD

That’s right.

Currently, the web browser just needs to open once to handle login. Once they are logged in, the browser can be quit completely. Matchmaker uses the in-game OSS to communicate with the backend, not through the browser in any way.

Ah, thought so. Thanks for the info! I look forward to seeing further progress! I am sure others out there will as well :smiley: