Comparing limitations of different VR platforms (SteamVR, Oculus, PS etc.)

Hi, I’m working on a VR animation (essentially a game but with very limited user input) for a university project and I’m struggling to find any details of the differences in hardware limitations and output quality between platforms (Oculus Rift / Quest, SteamVR etc.). I’ve bought an Oculus Quest for the project but would prefer to build something for the Rift and run it from the PC to improve output quality but I can’t find any info on exactly what is and isn’t possible with one or the other. Equally if building for Steam or PS would further increase output quality, I’d like to look into that too as the visuals are far and away the most important element.
Can anyone point me in the direction of something which explains the differences between the platforms and their limitations? I’ve also not been able to find any clear information on developing and testing Rift games on a Quest, I’ve changed from Quest to Rift in the Oculus plugin but it’s still loading the builds directly onto the device and somehow I doubt that’s the only thing to change (VR is very new to me…).
Thank you!