Compare blackboard entries between vectors

I used the ‘Compare Blackboard Entries’ with ‘Is Equal To’ operator for deciding whether a task should be run or not.
I’m using it with vectors and it always return false even if the two vectors values are equal.
The BBkey that are compared are Destination and EnemyLocation

They are obviously equal to each other.
Maybe I missunderstand the function of the decorator.

In the screenshot provided the operator is “Is Not Equal To”

I think you didn’t look to the entire screenshot
The operator is “is not equal”. the operator on the left is “is equal”.
If you look to the right side of the screenshot you can see the blackboard values. You can see that destination and enemylocation are equal.
So the operator "is not equal " shouldn’t let the task run as destination and enemylocation ARE EQUAL!

Any Idea?

No, I tested it myself and it does not pass the condition for even two vectors that are (0, 0, 0)

Must be a bug

Mieszko ? Is this a bug?

Anyone please?

Hi Nach, I’ve faced the same issue a while back with Bool and int comparison of blackboard entries. I got them to print out and they held the same value. Still it was comparing and showing that they’re not equal. I got occupied with some stuff since then and didn’t get time to look at it. Have you got it working finally?

I will link this to my post, where Mieszko had replied. Back then we were not sure if this was a bug or some logical issue in my code. My project was kind of unstructured and big back then. So uploading a stripped down version seemed like a lot of work. I will try it again as well, since this issue is apparently fixed in 4.7 either. My 4.6 project converted to 4.7 P8 still retains the issue.

Mieszko has fixed it, and it’ll probably make it in 4.7.1 update. You can check out this post for more details:

Compare Blackboard entries in Behavior Trees