Community Tutorials for UE4

It would be nice a tutorial on RPG talking about: AI, inventory, combat mode, elements of power between anything else useful and practical.

These are great, thanks to all involved in producing them.

Yay, it’s sticky now! thx :slight_smile:

Awesome sticky!!!


I am not sure i follow, should we not be moving the tutorials over to the Wiki to ensure all of our tutorials are in one place?

I have created a two part tutorial covering destructible meshes, and a simple flashlight tutorial you can find on the main threads

Please add link on my tutorials for Unreal Engine 4 on russian language.

Little “Blender to UE4” in Wiki

hi vBalbio, I just had another look at your tutorial and noticed this line.

you shouldn’t need to set the scale to 100 as 1 blender unit = 1 unreal unit already so there is no need to, just model at the size you want.

---- off topic —
note that 1 blender unity is 1m and 1 unreal unity is 1cm so you need to scale it to 100x factor. but lets keep it in the proper place to not spam here.

Actually been personally searching for tuts and adding them to my playlist for UNREAL ENGINE 4… Its messy as hell right now as I haven’t had time to catalog them all to their various subjects but I believe I a ton of them i’ve found online. Will be trying to make some order out of the chaos this week sometime.

Thanks for sharing, very usefull playlist.

Not a problem… I’ll be instilling some order into that mess this coming week. Closer to mid week. However I will keep it updated as I find more youtube tuts.

Nice one Doorstop, keeps all the community connected!

nice one Doorstop, better than this thread to be honest

well so many tuts are being made on youtube so I figured it would be easier to do it this way. This week like I said… I’ll make categories for them and start dumping them into their appropriate subjects to make it even easier for people to find what they want.

first and foremost, something in the title to delineate languages? or grouped etc? most of these are in russian or german etc… Are there english equivalents?

He has done that (in those cases where equivalents where avaiable he has added both into the same line -> e.g all videos from metalgamestudios) :wink:

But yeah, it would be good if language sections could be added.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and to those who follow - know that your time and help is appreciated!

I will be separating them via language so the Russian ones will be located specifically in their places… Problem is I might need some help with title translations down the line we will see if thats the case. I think tomorrow I will be starting on the changes to the channel and perhaps wrap up on the weekend… Time is limited for me this week due to work.