Community Tutorials for UE4

Hey ladies/gents, i’m gathering tutorials created by the community/3rd parties. If you know of any more, please post below so we can add them to the list.

Pub Games - Explosive Barrel
Pub Games - Flickering Light](UE4 Level Blueprint - Flickering Light - YouTube)

MetalGameStudios - Adding collision meshes through Blender and/or through UE4 with collision shapes (useful if you don’t have a modeling application installed).** German Version**
MetalGameStudios - Exporting Assets out of UE4 German Version
MetalGameStudios - Creating LODs with Blender]( German Version](
MetalGameStudios - Creating LODs with 3DS Max]( German Version](
MetalGameStudios - Attaching Particles or Static Mesh to Sockets]( German Version](
Blender to UE4](

MetalGameStudios - Material Nodes Explanation]( German Version](
MetalGameStudios - Wind Effect on Foliage Materials]( German Version](
Pub Games - Interior Water Material](

Level Design
MetalGameStudios - BSP Tool]( German Version](
MetalGameStudios - Creating Landscapes (How to create landscape material, import heightmap, and shows off the terrain tools) German Version](
MetalGameStudios - Foliage Tool]( German Version](

Pub Games - Making Fire](

MetalGameStudios - How to migrate assets from one project to another]( German Version](

Roman Potapov - Collection of Russian Tutorials

Useful Resources
Official Epic Tutorials Official Unreal Engine Tutorial Wiki
Official Documentation](
Solus Blueprints Presentation
Learning UE4 Interface by MetalGameStudios

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Here are 18 new videos (9 german and 9 english):

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