Community Tutorial: AnimToTexture Plugin, How to Use it to make Vertex Animation Textures for crowds

This video shows how to use the AnimToTexture plugin released with Unreal Engine 5 City Sample (and now part of UE 5.1). The video uses an Editor Utility tool which is available for free at the link below. Add the UASSET to your UE 5.1 project and use it as is or as an example for your own tool. Also provided is a basic crowd instancer blueprint which will scatter a static mesh with VAT texture and put a random animation on each instance. The video walks through both of these blueprints which could be enough to make your own editor utility and instancing blueprint.
The resulting motion has some stepping issue which I have not yet solved. This is mentioned in the video. When I find a fix I’ll update here
GitHub - kromond/AnimToTextureHelpers


Ty so much for the tutorial.
I am getting everything right, but I cant get rid of the shaky animation. Did you find a way to have clean animations?

Hi Kromond,

Thanks for you help.
I’m Alexandre P. the one with the comment on Youtube for Git LFS.
I’ve forked your project on GitHub as i’d like to make it work with a diverse crowd, so using an array of Static Meshes and Dataasset.

I’ve updated yours by removing a useless for loop, and added a BP with 2 declared SM & DA which works.

Unfortunately, for my BP which expose arrays of SM and DA: all my SM are sync, and play the full animation loop. I’ve spend hours on trying to understand why and fix, but i cannot.

AlexandrePoisson/AnimToTextureHelpers: Trials (

Looks very interesting. Would this be possible to use for destructing buildings instead of generating new geometry, thank you chaps

Hi @DaftAlexPunk , I replied to the github PR also. I was not able to set the custom data in the main loop, it just didn’t work as you are seeing. When I moved it to it’s own loop run after all the instances have been created, I was able to set the custom data values for each instance. Try adding that loop back

yes the technique has been used for destruction animation. You would use the vertex animation approach rather than the bone animation. Check this Destruction FX for Realtime | Part 3 | Implement FX in UE4 on Vimeo