Community testing forum-Succeed together!!!

For us game developers sometimes it’s crucial to have some form of testing as UE5 is close. simply some people can’t afford to run the latest version of unreal on two computers. Giving Players the chance to do so would be awesome, I think a lot of people need that. At least we could be a underground team that sticks together and help each other succeed sounds way better then steam early access. Epic Early Access??? Only to us beta players or forums with vouchers…

I think the only issue is how we could easily run up cost with this option? Well we need to have some guidelines and 30 dollars for a month or 10 dollars a week something to harmful and won’t have a ton of things clogging up space. All in all we really need this. And the epic store provides a sort of safe and secure way of doing things.

I don’t know about this but I do know a few things that might help you.

  1. Almost all browsers has some form of testing / simulation tools either built-in or available as a plugin. So if you develop a game for browsers, you can try this, including throttling!
  2. Bluestack is excellent at testing a multitude of android devices in a VM environment. It’s not perfect but it’s better than buying a dozen different phones.
  3. VMware I believe can be set to test games under many different environments.
  4. Apple also has something but I’m not sure exactly since I haven’t dipped my toes in that yet. I know there’s Apple Test Flight but again, I haven’t tried it.
  5. You’d be surprised what old family members and friends are willing to lend/give for old hardware. :wink:

30 / month or 10 / week? You’re trying to gouge a hole in game creators’ funds to test others’ games for free? on a consistent basis? I wouldn’t sign up, even if I had extra money to spend on it. It’s too time-consuming and difficult to communicate about in a forum setting for such a price. What you should do instead is ask for feedback in small aspects / areas of your game in one of the sub-forums, and perhaps other forums / places. The idea of community testing sounds great, but it’s probably far-fetched to expect much of it, especially for the cost of a fee / monthly subscription.

Wow, what was I thinking 30 a month is extremely cheap well, 10 dollars for a day and community. Really, I think a streamlined process for testing in a amazing concept. Then again I think the majority create in Blueprint not C++. Probably not much logic to test out. Regardless, even if it’s a feedback thing I’m more then willing to try your game early access or test access epic games then steam. In my opinion it connects the community more. Way go over to steam? Stay here. But as far as other forums go the point is to build a" stronger UE4 community". If I was to analyze when their was probably a larger boom when ue4 went public,now when people see UE5 theirs going to be a lot of fresh people. How do you build and sustain? Work on a stronger community engagement.

Wow you sparked a idea for a plug-in I’ll be actually happy to do. A system that automates your game within the UE4 community and system via testing!!! Only catch is will people trust submitting their projects to a server idk, they’ll trust epic more then me. But It sames like a awesome Plugin with Statistics and such. If I get funded I’m seriously looking into doing a plug-in like that… Don’t steal me idea people lol… Yes that’s something I’ll be proud to do and thinks it’s valuable to the community!

I wasn’t slamming the idea entirely. But I’m pretty broke, so that’s partly where my self-restraint is coming from. I think what’s more important than an automated system of submitting projects / games for testing is corrections and how-to’s for the engine features, in-depth articles on how to do particular things in the engine, and what’s involved in properly preparing a game for its targeted platforms (from the beginning of creating it moreso than at the end when it’s almost finished). I’m still seeing a slew of the same problems / ‘bugs’ regarding the newest versions of UE posted in the Rendering and ArchViz forums. About half of the stuff could be covered in a few to several how-to articles, available in the forum or elsewhere on the site (other than AnswerHub), and would drastically reduce the time and effort that regular repliers in the forum spend helping on those same issues. I understand certain issues can have different causes and different solutions, so it’s why I’m suggesting a few to several articles which pinpoint the issue(s) and suggest the different workarounds and solutions that have worked for others consistently. And then, perhaps, Epic would notice a change in forum activity and most-posted issues and be capable of developing and improving UE5 according to how that approach to forum help is going.

Same here is this is something Actually I’ll be happy to do and provide to the community of course servers cost and they cost a lot so I’m only look for a small minimal fee,since I have to manage the website and try to make a deal with server fees… Around 7-10 dollars for a day of testing? but that includes the statics and management that you keep of course. More people on board it’ll get cheaper * don’t quote me on the cheaper thing. But I’ll do my best to keep the cost very low by fully automation. I’'m looking for funding also from another project, if that happens I’ll just throw the small profit back into a fund for more testing for the community for free.

I think you misunderstood me. I’m not going to pay for that. I wouldn’t pay for it. Others get paid to play-test games. Putting a web site up and hosting it on a server is actually not that expensive in a number of cases. Besides that, I think you’re going to get lots of resistance to the idea of a pay-for testing site, even if it’s allowed to exist in the Unreal forum, but especially if it’s an external site. Resistance, lack of interest, lack of funding, not enough features and efficiency in functioning to be worthwhile. It’s too expensive in effort and time for one person, namely you, to initiate and maintain for how it would go. I suggest you concentrate on developing video games and other stuff you’re into, not continuing in an endeavor that’ll leave you stretched to the breaking point without a way to easily recover from it.

Actually, this project sounds exciting. If their high interest and support(hype support) I’ll do it. I wouldn’t need funding as long as my main project goes well. Heck, even if I get funded I’d rather do that and gain more experience and try new things with different languages. Sound like I’m being cliche,but if sometime excites and I say it does, it actually does. And I’m willing to work on it!!! Even if it’s on weekends it’ll be something fun to do. I see know what tools I’ll use and how to handle it. Idk, I’m just that type of person how I developed my game on my own. Just plain work on it and it’ll look super cool to where someone would want to use it anyway

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