[Community Project] Real Time Strategy Game. NEW MODELS AVAILABLE. SEE POST #1

7 New models are now available on GitHub. Click to see more. I created a new word document that lists all the models (including work in progress) for this project. All those who are modeling for this project, add your model in this document with your name and other model details. Please PM me your email address and i can add you to edit the document.

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Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on an RTS Template (not this one) and thought i will make this a community project instead so everyone can learn and share and create. We have a lot of skilled people on forums so i thought about bringing all of us together to create a AAA quality Strategy game (like Age of Empires, Rise of Legends etc). You can contribute anything (like characters, props, textures, materials, effects etc) you like and if we all work together we can make an amazing game using Unreal Engine 4.

If you feel like you don’t have absolutely nothing to contribute feel free to download this project and see how its done. Once you go through the Blueprints you might get an idea on adding something new. And dont forget to spread the word to all your friends. :slight_smile:

I would like to have this game with a mix of AOE and fantasy with cool magical effects plus gorgeous graphics and exotic maps. But that is my suggestion only. Since this a community project i really want to hear your opinion too.

Some references from Google:


So what do you think? If you have any more questions, please do ask it .


Download Project from Github.
Trello Road Map](Trello)

Latest video: I added the ability to spawn resources in editor using Blutility.

Update #1 video


Great work Ryan Jon!

I can’t wait to see how this project develops with all the Community and you working together!


Awesome, I’ll totally be checking this out when I return from work! I didn’t see a mention, but does this require Coherent-UI for the HUD to work, by the way?

This is an awesome idea!
Unfortunately I’m not very skilled in developing games with UE4 yet…
Anyway, I’d really like to see how this project becomes something big with the help of the community!

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hi …No this does not need Coherent to work. I thought about that first but since this is a community project i decided not to include but anyway i’ll forward this thread to one of the Coherent Developer.

By the way please note that this is a completely new project and is not this one. I’ll eventually add functions from that project to this community project. :slight_smile:

Please dont feel like that :)…You maybe skilled in some other field like modelling, texturing, rigging etc. I would like to have every little help that i can get. Even if its a small prop or a small texture i really appreciate it. If you are still unable to contribute…no worries :). Feel free to download this and you can see how things are done. So far i have everything commented in this project and it is pretty simple too so you should be able to modify it further.

This is exactly what i thought when asked to contribute to a community project for UDK, someone convinced me and i learned a great deal from it. Like ryanjon said, you can always try and you might learn some valuable things.

And i will be looking into your project this week ryanjon and will try to contribute until my imagination and motivation for my personal project return (and maybe even longer).

thanks for the awesome gift. It makes me in desire to do funny thing like a “heaven and hell” inspired game but based on the facewiteragramworld , building lolcats temple on a side and grumpy arenas on the other, with a goal to attract people to win click-adds to be the mememaster… (but as i have a lot of things i promised to do, i just write my crazy idea for now ^^)

thanks again for the gift.

Thank you very much ! :slight_smile:

No problem Fen. I am happy to see you all are liking this. :slight_smile:

Haha Thanks for your trust in me, guys :smiley:
Perhaps I will find a way how to contribute to the project, I’ll do my best! :wink:

That’s the spirit my friend! :smiley:

I would be willing to contribute art assets. Just credit me :slight_smile:

I do not care what license they go under just as long as other people can use them. :slight_smile:

  • HeadClot

Thank you HeadClot! Each and everyone who worked on this project will be definitely credited! :slight_smile: Now that you mentioned about license i would like to hear what others and Epic thinks. Since this is a community project, under what license does this project and assets come in?

By the way, I just added Selection Box (Visual only. Selection of multiple actors will be added later). :slight_smile:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet.

Few Git related questions since this is the first time am using Git:

1: When i make a change and sync it using Git client, what do you actually call it? Committed a new change or Merged a new change or pushed/pulled a new change?

2: How can i efficiently track a changelog? Should i just add a changelog.txt and add changes there?

Nice work on the Selection Box! I’m also new to Git so i can’t help you with that.

I just started going through the project and noticed that the camera can still be rotated when you’re giving units new orders, should that be changed or did you intend to do that?

I not being able to rotate the camera while having a unit selected also feels wrong, didn’t you use middle mouse button to rotate in a previous version?

Commits are done top your local files. When you are ready to sync those changes to the online repository(github), you do a Push. This will move all your local commits to the server. So I guess the apt term would be ’ Push’ . Because each Push can contain multiple Commits. However git never worry about ‘pushs’. For git, only the commits matter. If you look in n activity log in GitHub, it only mentions the ‘commits’ not the ‘pushes’

Syncing = Push
Each change = Commit

We use Git where we work, and usually I just tell the guys, ‘I have pushed that feature I was working on’. This is because I might have done several commits before the feature was complete.

Now ‘Merging’, it is only applicable when you have more than 1 working branch. Suppose you have a stable code base. Now you want two new features. YOu take care of one and another guy says he will do the otehr one. So each of you create your-own branches from the current master branch. You will work on these branches and push changes to your-own branches (just like how a tree branches out). At the end when each of you complete your work, you will merge your branch with the parent (master). And when both of you have merged your-own branches with the master, the master will have all the code:
master = master+branch1+branch2

This is called merging. This happens when you work in parallel, and I think this is the true power of git.

Git is pretty complex at first. But there are some nice tutorials out there which will give you a good idea.

I have changed right mouse rotation to middle mouse rotation and pushed it to my Github. Please check it out. :slight_smile:

Hi . That behavior has changed since camera rotation is now Middle Mouse Button.

Thank you very much . You explained it very well. I have started using the term Push. :slight_smile:

Well then that’s another problem, i redownloaded the project with github and rotation is still right mouse button.

Hi ,

I really like the idea of Community RTS and your concept for theme: mix of AOE and fantasy with cool magical effects would rock! I just wish it took advantage of other 3D perspectives like First-Person Perspective. My all time RTS favorite is Battlezone 1998. I fell in love with the RTS genre because of that game. I’m highly in favor a multi-genre client like Natural Selection with even more genres available (see my blog). With the power of 3D, switching from Isometric to First-Person to Top-down, etc (ie: Nelo) would NOT be a problem for UE4… if planned for. I suffer from Ceature Freep, so don’t let me distract. I would like to contribute in some form or manner when I complete my training project. Thanks for reading.

Hi . Just now i pushed a new version to my Github. It now has Dwarf character from Epic’s Strategy Example and has Middle Mouse Button as rotation. Could you please download the latest version and let me know?

Hi TechLord,

Thank you for the support :). I do have a lot of things planned for this game (but ofcourse only with the help of community). As for multi-genre…I think i still want to stick with RTS type only (much like AOE) although i do have plans for rendering a first person view. Pretty much something like this: http://coherent-labs.com/content//2014/07/live_views_10_final.jpg. And once you finish your training project, please do come back and check this out. :slight_smile:

New Update Screenshot:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet.

As it turns out it was my fault entirely and everything works (i’m also new to github and wasn’t paying attention). Sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem at all :). Am also new to Github. Glad you got it working now. Please do post your feedback. :slight_smile: