common material resolution?

Hi there,

I’m a hobby 2d-artist.
Ten years ago I made some diffuse textures for UnrealEngine1/2. 512px or 1024px was an average resolution that time.

Now I want to create a texturepack for UnrealEngine4.

The last years I improved my photography- and photoshop skills,
and now I’m able to create some seamless, photorealistic, high resolution textures out of my own photgraphs.

Attached is a simple example, a 3d-looking brickwall with own diffuse and normal map,
using tessellation with a handpainted heightmap to create the illusion of depth.

Now my question is: What resolution should I use today?

The brickwall shown above is scaled down to 1024x512px, but the original is much bigger, like +7000px width.
Is 4096px overkill for such a material/too much detail? Should I stick with 2048px?

And what about mobile devices? I think performance is limited there.
If I were to release a texturepack, should I create an additional “mobile version”, smaller resolution and less detail?
Like 1024px max and no tesselation, but using a simple BumpOffset instead?

Greets, Pandemoon :cool:

I always say just use 2K and when needed later down scale. 4K Only for Beauty else no. Or you need to make a super big mesh. Like for ground landscape texture i use 4K but the rest not.