command not recognized: ovrversion ue4.7.3

I have a Oculus Rift DK1.

I have the oculus runtime environment 0.4.4.

Using Unreal Engine 4.7.3

The rift is recognized by the oculus configuration utility. Under plugins the Oculus plugin is enabled. VR preview only shows in a small area of the top left corner of the screen (can’t go full screen), but it does recognize the headset’s tracking and reacts correctly.

If I try to launch my game as standalone and then press alt + enter, it does not recognize the rift. If I type ovrversion is says command not recognized: ovrversion. stereo on and other commands do not work.

Does anybody know a fix for this?

Hi I just wanted to give an update.

I did not change anything, but now it’s suddenly working. I restarted my computer multiple times previously but I could not get it to work. I left my computer off overnight, then tried opening some older (4.4) projects where I had the vr plugin working before opening my current project. Then after that it started working… I don’t know why.