command line rendering how to Disable CrashReportClient.exe?

I’m attempting to use unreal command line in combination with our distributed rendering solution. However, if unreal does not render as expected it opens the CrashReportClient.exe. This is a problem for two reasons, it requires human interaction which is not available, and it holds up the process so our distributed rendering system does not recognize the process as finished and cannot start another job.

As a side note, manually closing the CrashReportClient window using the X button, or clicking “close without sending” intermittently leaves the CrashReportClient.exe process running and therefore even with human interaction still locks up the task.

Is there a way to disable the CrashReportClient.exe all together having UE4 return more “standard” error codes or automatically set it to “close without sending” and have the CrashReportClient.exe process close correctly every time.

It has been a while, but if you run your application with the command line argument “-unattended”, the option is forwarded to the CrashReportClient and the UI will not be shown.