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It is now day 16, and post editing is still broken.

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It is now day 20, and post editing is still broken.

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You’re still at “Basic”, not “Member”, which could be the problem.

You can read about the trust levels here:

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All of these trust levels have edit limits, with the exception of the last one which is literal global moderator status, and requires manual promotion by a staff member.

That is clearly not a feasible solution.

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  1. Forums usability:
    Posts take 24hrs to delete. :confounded: Here’s the problem with that. If a user deletes a post, Discourse bumps the thread anyway, right up to the very top of forum sections (versus the old forums). Suggestion: Stop Discourse from bumping threads that only contain deleted posts (or are merely edited for minor spelling mistakes). What’s happening now is users often post in the wrong section. Then delete that post / thread, and re-post again somewhere else. By bumping both threads to the top, Discourse ends up effectively spamming its own platform and generating worthless notifications. Adding instant post / thread deletion would fix this.

  2. Forums usability:
    Stop Discourse from auto-removing quotes from the top of posts, even if the quote is identical to the reply immediately above, as it slows down navigation / reading and breaks the context. Overall Its overkill / nannying. Why? Taking out the quote makes it more ambiguous about who is replying to who, in threads with similar replies. Overall, quoting makes speed-reading easier than just inset replies.


Mobile doesn’t even have inset replies. Works much better.

The forum isn’t sending out messages again - or still.

And as you can tell, usage is now next to nothing.

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It’s working for me

It looks like images in many posts get replaced just by a filename. I searched this thread, but there’s so many content, I might have missed a similar entry, so I apologize for a duplicate. Here’s an example thread - but I found this on other threads as well.

So is fixing editing ever going to happen?

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BUG: Notifications stopped working in recent days. The user avatar icon displays a count, but the actual notifications popup never loads. If you go into full-screen notifications its completely empty. Logging out / restarting Browser doesn’t fix it. And it doesn’t seem to be related to browser type either. Anyone else still following this thread and seeing this also? :wink:


I got the notification :wink:

We’re looking into the issue with email notifications not going out (which we can reproduce) - but I’m not seeing this issue on any of my accounts. Will follow up!

We are unable to reproduce this issue, and our server side logs aren’t displaying any errors. The engineer suggested you disable browser extensions, as they’re most likely the culprit.

Gimme back my custom profile picture. That’s a very important forum feature. At least allow gravatar or something.

Thanks for following up, but that’s not it unfortunately.
Did anything get changed in past 10 days / two weeks?
Notifications count is good, but notifications are blank!

Discourse found a problem with notifications on “older browsers” and are deploying a fix soon :+1:

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@Amanda.Schade @VictorLerp @Hourences

BUG: Since the upgrade Private-Messages (PM) are basically unusable:

  1. Problems opening PM’s with question-marks in the title (special characters?):
  1. There’s no working PM DELETE option anywhere! What if you want to delete 100 PM’s quickly or just one? You can opt to leave a conversation or boot others out, but that’s it. It doesn’t matter if the PM was created in the old forms or Discourse, or if you started the conversation or not. Overall, just trying to Trash a single PM leads to this error:
  1. Printing-out a PM or just saving some as PDFs is limited to a tiny number before an error appears, meaning you have to wait minutes / hours / days before you can print again. The only workaround is to disable JS which breaks formatting / inset images / links:
  1. Trying to search for a PM also poses problems for Discourse. Open too many too quickly and again you’re locked out and limited to a tiny number before having to wait minutes / hours / days. Its easy to forget to encase C++ in quotes and then get caught out by this:
  1. Past sent PM’s without a reply don’t show who the message was actually sent to. The problem with that is complete loss of context. Some forums discussions spill over to PM momentarily before going back to the thread to continue, but that context is now lost!

  2. PM notifications still not working for me. So a warning to others… Its dangerous to bump old PM’s (those dating from the non-Discourse forum era), and expect the other party to notice. Better to just create a fresh new PM always! :wink:

Gotta ask if any of these points are on Discourse’s radar or if devs just need to accept this is how its going to be going forward? Way too many Marketplace conversations have already left the Forums! That’s disconcerting if there’s ever any disputes with creators! :wink: That is, unless Epic have plans to scoop up Discord at some point? The 12 billion price tag is a lot of vbucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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BUG: Loss of typed posts before posting (similar to the show-stopping posting bugs in AnswerHub before). Repro: During typing (long posts especially) the network connection may drop out. The drafts offline warning may or may not appear (or be obvious enough). :wink:

If you click on the blue REPLY button before seeing the network connection is offline, the whole typed post is lost!!! :rage: Here’s how that happens… Clicking on KEEP EDITING doesn’t work. It doesn’t return you to editing (even if the network connection is restored in the meantime or not). It just leaves you stuck with the same blue SAVING spinning icon. :blush:

BTW: Appreciate an upvote or something on these reports (the one for PMs above took time to write up). Otherwise how do we know Epic wants these reports or if they’re logged or not.


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It would appear that I lost a few replies on my own thread: (This is where I used additional replies to better organize my content)

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It is now SEPTEMBER and editing is still broken.

Can a moderator check whats up with this account? It keeps saying new account and it is not.