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Agreed. Makes sense to give the user a choice for that.

I get your point. All I can say is that if you know you have a problem absorbing so much content, take it upon yourself to manage the amount of content you absorb; remember: you’re the one who’s doing the scrolling, not the forum. For example, if you can only read 10 posts at a time, take breaks every 10 posts, absorb what you’ve read so far, then continue (this is the type of a basic skill you learn in school).

Also, you can just open the post itself in a new tab by right or middle-mouse clicking the post’s number.

How do you manage to scroll past information that fills more than half the screen (on normal font)?

As for wasted space, what do you suggest it should be filled with?

Yes, a lot of stuff is broken from the switch (my posts are missing attachments as well). All I can say is that if something is missing information you need, ask on the forum again; ask the person who made the post you need (once again, the type of basic stuff you learn in school). Just because a post is missing links, images, videos, or attachments doesn’t mean the solution is just “gone forever”.

Text on pages could be a lot wider. Compare the forums with JS-on vs JS-off. Most of the space on the left / right of posts is simply lost with JS-on. Plus CTRL-F doesn’t work properly. So if you want to jump to crucial posts by certain devs such as posts by Epic, you find yourself having to drag the scrollbar up / down repeatedly to force full page loads. So overall, longer threads like this one, or basically anything above 10 posts, is easier to read with JS-off or in Page-View. However, there’s no go to Last-Page / First-Page option anymore, so that’s a PITA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This isn’t 2014-2016. You’d be lucky to get a reply from devs on here anymore. A lot are still logging in, but not a lot post on here anymore, as was discussed here. So as regards basic stuff you learn in school… Drop the headmaster sounding tone dude and stop being so naive. :grinning:

There’s NO Last Page option in Page-View (JS-off), which is the point being made here. :wink: As regards the other stuff. Sweeping generalizations aren’t necessary. We’re just having a discussion. This has escalated more than necessary. Lets just keep things friendly, alright? :+1:

The fact that you think you are helping is hilarious.

All you are doing is wasting time. Yours is certainly Ok to be wasted however you want.

Everyone else’s not so much…

I find it funny how he’s literally pickin fights with both of us across different topics, for different things. I would suggest just ignoring.
I’m not sure about your work load, but mine doesn’t currently allow me the proper time to waste after nonsensical ego trips XD

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

In mobile / basic browser view (no JS / JS disabled). Everything, every single thread / post is organized into PAGES (no scrollbars). Therefore the forums could use a Last Page option there. :wink:

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Yea because there’s an earth shattering difference between the sign-up date and your own statement that you came back 3 months ago.

Whatever makes you feel better bro :wink:

  1. Unreal Engine 4 was released for free on March 2, 2015: If You Love Something, Set It Free - Unreal Engine
  2. You need an account to use Unreal Engine 4.
  3. I created my account on June 21, 2015 to use Unreal Engine 4.
  4. I never made that statement. This is the exact statement I made:

Why are @midgunner66 flagged and hidden? He seems have quite reasonable tone in his posts while MostHost_LA seems to be the one with aggressive attitude… ? I am confused about this? Are there some double standards when it comes to moderation of this forum? Or is this something automated?

Midgunner is just expressing his frustration with the forum while MostHost_LA always keeps bending the discussion towards ad hominem, discussing the person, rather than the ideas about the inanimate object (the forum).

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I’m just as off topic as he is. No more no less.

Honestly, its been at least 20 posts since anything relevant to the forum’s need for improvement has been brought up.

It would indeed be nice if the discussion were to stay on topic, but that’s essentially impossible when at every turn someone says “that’s not a missing feature, that’s user error” or other similar and utterly unhelpful BS.

Currently the forum hasn’t seen a functionality upgrade, the performance has degraded further, and apparently having a YouTube link on a thread locks the page up across at least 2 mobile browsers…
I’m not even sure why, nor do I care. Epic surely doesn’t seem to either.

You can bet that the discussion will degenerate again in short order…

Forums aren’t something that should require effort to use. If I am working for 12 hours straight on a project and I need some piece if vital info I have 0 tolerance for friction in the process of obtaining that infornation. Sure you can scroll through the infinite scroll to find the info you need etc. but why turn a 2 click process into a 5 click process for the sake of aesthetics? It’s dumb and no professional users appreciate it.


New PM notifications don’t seem to work right now. Anyone else seeing this at all???
PM’s aren’t showing up anymore in any of the Forum Notifications panels anywhere.
This was working a couple of weeks ago (new forums). Something got broken maybe…

Your public profile is hidden… can’t even try to send you a PM XD
Oh, and reply didn’t tag you. So…
@UnrealEnterprise let’s see if this notifies you.

Replies / Likes / @ Pings all seem to be working fine as before. Its just PM’s it seems.
From within Messages click-on ‘New Message’, lookup the username and hit message. :+1:


PM Notifications aren’t working reliably. Thanks to @MostHost_LA for helping test this.

DELETED POSTS have returned like undead zombies since the forum switch. Example.

Work-In-Progress threads ^above^ with 100’s of posts highlight forum lag (dynamic page loading poor browser performance), versus offering a Page-View option. Disabling JavaScript forces the forums into Page-View mode anyway. So why not offer this option in Preferences?

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I doubt it would be that easy.
Discourse seems to use all the absolute worse tecnologies out there by design.
The core issue is that its badly coded Ruby. With ruby you can only expect so much performance when it comes to integrating 100 different things.

Lazy loading just needs a once over by someone competent to create some call aggregation.

Easier said than done, because the code is a bit of a mess. But being open source anyone can tinker with it (again, ask the blender folks how much time it took em) :stuck_out_tongue:

With regards to the PM system.

It’s not a “forum” feature. Basically it’s an email system that’s locked (tight) and can only be accessed by the forum itself.
The lack of notifications is probably due to the licensing of whatever system is in use or an issue with the specific service.

… there’s more than 1 reason why phpBB is ranked as the most used “free” forum…

All of that aside.
Performance took another turn for the worse today. I’m even having issues getting likes to trigger - slow database issues again…

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Thanks for the reports:

Could you add more detail, please? Are they arriving only intermittently?

Will report to Discourse—to confirm, the post you linked you had deleted, but not it’s showing again?

I’ll connect with Discourse on performance issues. There might be optimizations they can make. I’m not seeing perf issues here, but would you mind sharing any specs, what browser you’re using, etc.? Is it generally long topics you’re seeing issues with?

@MostHost_LA anything you can share on your perf experience would be good to know too!