[COMING SOON] - PurePolygons - Procedural Nature Pack

----- Update 6-26-2015 ------
I have submitted the pack everyone!!! And I have moved it over to this thread!! Thanks :slight_smile:

----- Update 6-21-2015 ------
Hey guys another update! Scroll to the bottom to see the procedurally generated branches and splines for the trees :slight_smile:


----- Update 6-14-2015 ------
Hey guys, thought i’d share a little update of a (Work In Progress) the procedural nature scene that I am working on. My latest idea is a spline generated river, with depth based foam and river flow speed based off of the angle the river is flowing at. The foam also populates only near water falls at the tops and base of them. Hope you all enjoy it! I will be sharing more updates soon on my facebook page.

Hey everyone,

I thought I would share with all of you what I have been working on as I know many of you were wondering when I would be releasing the textures that are available for purchase on my Gumroad into a Marketplace Pack. Well here is a sampling of what I have been working on that I think all of you will enjoy!

Of course the pack will include the textures found on my site ready for Terrain painting! With realtime tesselation and a slope based shader for river banks and cliffs. I’ll share those textures in this post as well, but what I think most of you will be excited about are the procedural aspects of the pack. Here is a preview of just one of them for now as I don’t want to give away all of my secrets yet until they are ready for public eye. Feast your eyes on Procedural Trees!

And here are some of the Textures/Materials/Assets that will be Included in the pack as well.

The pack will also feature Vertex Painted Moss on the Trees and Rocks and of course the grass will be placed like normal foliage throughout the scene.
Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

I looked at this, and watched the video. I will say this, that if we were back in the 17/1800’s, people would have yelled, “Heathen! Witch! Spawn of Satan!” when seeing this. These textures and from what I’ve seen in the video are absolutely magical! I know not what kind of sorcery this is, but great bloody job!

Edit: Please create a Landscape Material with each of these, and not just the normal materials. I am constantly being stumped by landscape mats for some reason :frowning: I hope this pack is released before 4.8 hits, as this has just been put on the top of my list of packs to purchase. Thanks!

Ahhhhhh was wodnering when you was going to post something new, you knOW I will buy it bro

Very nice! Will definitely be keeping my eye on this one :slight_smile:

Those ground materials are amazing! :smiley:

Holy biscuits that’s amazing!

Also, are the materials you are selling on gumroad ready for use in UE?

Hahaha perhaps it actually is magical who knows! Thanks Savior, I’m definitely making these all into Landscape materials. I’m trying to finish this up soon, I just have so many more ideas for this pack I could keep going, but I know I gotta release it eventually.

Thanks Ravneson! The Gumroad materials are ready for use with UE4 except they use a “Glossiness” map instead of a roughness map. So it would be as simple as inverting the _rgm roughness map that comes with it :slight_smile: Then it would be all ready to go!

Thanks a lot everyone! I will keep you all updated on my progress. Many more cool things to come! As well as of course the Demo scene which will be provided with the pack once it’s finish

Buying as soon as you let me!

yes, this is just fantastic. I cant wait to see what more you have. I have to ask the question, How much?

****, these materials look faaaaantastic!
Added to my list of things I wanna buy :smiley:

This is truely amazing work!

Hahaha awesome, thank you so much guys :slight_smile:

As for a price range, it will really depend how much I decide or am able to get into this pack. So I will give you a range at what I was thinking by the time this is all finished, it would be at probably be around $49 - $79. With the fully completed demo scene. I will also be adding a lot more materials and really cool Procedural/Modular stuff to the pack :slight_smile:
I hope that sounds reasonable!

I’ll have to add my own comment for selfish reasons - the tree stuff is cool but is very situational (great for single player games and specific hero-asset placement). I’m much, much more interested in that jaw-dropping material - the lighting, color, tessellated depth and varied material composition on those materials are extremely high quality. I’m hoping you can re-create that level of quality for a UE4 landscape that could tile! Any outdoor scene would benefit greatly from it.

Thank you Zooch and don’t you worry! All of the materials will work on the landscape, with proper blends as well as more materials and tessellation :slight_smile:

Well you’ve got my vote for a marketplace release & most likely my purchase as well :slight_smile:

Ground material looks awesome. If the price is right, I’ll buy it just to have a look :wink:

Darn … that is pretty good. Good job. 8-}

Is the dude in the one image the normal size player model like the default Blue Guy?

totally getting these ^0^

Benjamin Smith, I love that gif hahahah. Thanks for the support!!

Yes he is the standard size Blue guy. I am actually providing 2 - 8k mud textures in this pack that are tileable as well as smaller 2k mud and grass textures as well. That’s how I was able to get such unique footprints and puddles throughout this muddy ground texture :slight_smile:

Should be great for VR! As well as using the 2k textures for anyone interested in more optimized assets for mobile or more globally friendly assets.

Jesus, that muddy grass is amazing looking. I’m going to get all your Gumroad stuff just to have a look.