Combining textures

Hello everyone,
I am trying to get two textures to combine (one on top of the other). Basically I have an image that is transparent in some areas that I want to paste onto a background(as would happen in photoshop). I tried Lerp, but it makes the image slightly transparent, and when I set the Alpha to 1(which should make it opaque), the transparent parts just become black. How do I make the image combine with a base texture as would happen in photoshop for example?
I think I’m missing something and there’s a really easy way of doing it, I just haven’t found it.
Thank you for your time,

Make greyscale mask texture for mixing oth textures (store in in alpha chanel of one of textures)

Then multiply one texture 3vector (ie colors only without alpha) with that mask
For another texture do “one minus” for that mask and then multiply like first texture,
Then add both results.

search for “unreal blending textures”, it gives this for eg.

And if all above is not answer you are looking for, please post pictures of both textures and mask, and if possible create in photoshop resulting texture. So we can see what you are looking for.