Combining Static Mesh in Editor

Is there a way to combine static mesh into a single mesh inside the editor like there was once in UE3/UDK
This feature was super useful for completed levels as it severely reduced the amount of Mesh draw calls.

Thanks Guys.

Check out Editor Preferences > Experimental > Actor Merging. If you enable that you can merge a blueprint(or multiple selected meshes in a level) into a single mesh, which also preserves the lightmap UV’s and turns them into an atlas UV.

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I enable Actor Merging but I still doesn’t know how to merge meshes to one. I select two meshes and try to click on right button or something like that but I can’t see enything special for this.

Have you restarted the editor after enabling it?

In UE 4.8 Actor Merging located in main menu Window->Merge Actors

You can do that too with the same tool. What i understand is you have a BP that generates a structure from given meshes in construction script, right? Once you drop that BP and generate your building or whatever it is you can use the merge tool and create a new static mesh out of it. Then you can use it in another BP.

Hi , do you know a way to do so with blueprints? What I wanna do is merging more than one mesh in the blueprint, then spawn the merged mesh in the level. I want to do this for reducing draw calls, meanwhile saving modularity of my actors. forHow can I do this?

No luck with merging the Lightmap UV’s. It seems that UE does recalculate and make errors in the lightmap UV’s.

You can do that manually after generating the merged mesh. Open up the mesh in static mesh editor and generate lightmap UV’s. It will most likely repack existing UV’s so that they wont overlap.

Is it possible in runtime?

No, it’s not.

This works good BUT it removes all the collision meshes on the model. Is that something that could be fixed up?

Hi ! Any luck in keeping collision after the merge?

Just found the answer here

I was looking for this in ue4.12.5, anyone know where they put it now?

It’s under Window > Developer Tools > Merge Actors.

Lovely Thanks , as always you have the nice answers :slight_smile:

THe location has yet changed again. Its Window/DeveloperTools/MergeActors

Great, thank you