Combining splatmap texture with painted layers on landscape?

Hi, UE newbie here.

Basically, I’m trying to create some terrain using the landscape tools. I’ve gotten a decent terrain out of world machine and into UE4, using a splatmap to get the basic textures onto it, and the plan was to complete this with some hand painted texture layers, to smooth out material transitions and break up surfaces where texture repetition is too obvious.

So here’s the problem I’m having: How do I combine this base layer of textures with several painted texture layers? The closest I’ve come to a working solution is the network in this picture But it doesn’t work, not fully at any rate. When I start painting in the new layer, the one named Sand_Trans, it basecoats the terrain square I’m currently painting with black, thus ruining the base texture completely.

I scoured the online documentation, and it said “This is happening because there is no Paint Layer data on the Landscape when you first start to paint” and that the workaround was to coat the entire terrain with one of my layers, then repaint the whole thing… But that kinda defeats the whole purpose of using a splatmap to begin with. Isn’t there a way to just put new textures over the old ones and use painted masks to mask off the ones I don’t want, like layers work in Photoshop? Or to generate that missing Paint Layer data from the textures already established by the splatmap part of my network?

Thanks in advance for any help you provide!

When you import your terrain, in the dialogue, choose your material. If its the one you showed in the screenshot, you have paintable layers set up already.

Each layer can be pointed to a file that was exported from WM. The splatmap. For you to make changes by hand, by painting, the layer must have a layerinfo which you can create from the landscape creation panel.

I think you might be overlooking something. But the way it works is like this.

You set up your world in WM. You have a heightout which exports the actual height data to .r16. Then you can use select height or select angle or anything you want, and use another Height Output and export it to 8bit RAW.
Then in UE4, you create a landscape, and choose import from file. Select your material here. Then for each landscape layer, you select the files you exported from WM. Making sure to create or assign a layer info for each.

Then you can go ahead and paint onto the existing imported splatmaps.

Hope this helps!

Is there a way to export an image that shows every terrain layer? For example (from above), it would have the new terrain layers painted on top of the imported splatmap.