Combining Material Slots

Hey All,

So I have an item i’ve imported from Max, that is a counter with a variety of items sat ontop of it. To help limit the Draw Calls, i’ve combined it all together into one mesh, so instead of calling 10 instances of a phone, 10 of a box etc. it calls one.

My problem lies in that now i have 60 different material slots, so the calls are still quite high. Is their a way inside of Unreal, to condense these slots down and join them together. I know i could manually go through and change them all to the same material, but the slot numbers stay the same, so it would be still adding 60 calls, instead of just the 1

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you want to make it into one material then you’d need to do that back in 3ds Max and re-export it back to UE4.
If you’re using a bunch of solid colors what I do is make a low-res texture with color swatches of all of the colors and then do a very quick and easy UV mapping of the polygons to the appropriate color. That way you don’t have to do complex UV mapping and you can use a single material.