Combine two landscape textures with displacement / tesselation?

Hi there. I have 2 textures I’ve got set up in one Material, for my overworld landscape. I’ve successfully combined all of their maps, though displacement is giving me issues.I am very inexperienced with the Material Editor so I can’t wrap my head around enabling tesselation / displacement for both textures and restricting those to their own textures…

Essentially, I can either have 1 of the textures’ displacement maps affecting the entire landscape, or the other. Never both, and not neatly within their intended boundaries.

The success I’ve had thus far is thanks to this video Landscape Material Tutorial - Adding Tessellation (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube and my blueprint looks exactly like the one there, so how would I go about combining two of these but have them affect separate parts of the landscape?

Thanks, and pictures help a lot.

Hi, did you find the answer? Because I’m looking for same.