Combine Attack Animation Blueprints Help

I’m currently working on creating a hack ‘n’ slash level which i want to have a combat similar to the God of War games. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on blueprints, mainly from intro to third person blueprint tutorial and a bit of experimenting, and i was wondering how to set up attacks so that:

  • One button plays an axe attack

  • Another plays a shield attack

  • They can be mixed together to make a
    variety of combos

  • Pressing the button to attack plays a
    random axe or shield attack so that
    it’s different every time

I would be grateful for any suggestions since this level is for a project on my degree course (deadline at the end of May) and I’m currently stuck in research limbo looking for a way to make this work.

I have found 2 people on the forum showing how they did their hack 'n slash games in blueprint, maybe that could be of some interest to you?