Combine animations of two skeletal meshes

I have skeletal mesh “mannequin” with IK animation and skeletal mesh “hand” with a grab animation. How can I combine these animations? skeletal “hand” is a part of skeletal mannequin.

I guess that depends on what you’re trying to accomplish by combining the animations together.

I want mannequin to have a grab animation

Do you mean you want them to play at the same time?

Yes I do.

Do you know about animation blueprints, blendspaces, and things like that?
Maybe there is a way to play two different animations on the same skeleton but at different bone hierarchy like you are saying, using that. If not then I unfortunately have no experience with skeletal animations in unreal so I hope someone else can help! And hopefully you dont have to make the hand a seoarate component. I think you shouldnt have to but it is an option.

Hi did you ever figure this out? I am trying to accomplish the same thing. I have Upper Body IK setup with UBIK solver and I have hand animations setup with a separate skeletal mesh for hands. How do I combine these so they work together? i.e. I want the tracking to work while the hands are animated from the controller hand data.