Colourful (red/pink/green) spots and glow after GPU lightmass build? (4.27)

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine (using 4.27) and have these colourful spots appear on some of my furniture/ceilings and am not too sure why. I’m using GPU Lightmass to build my light and these colourful spots just appeared randomly after another build. I’ve attached screenshots of the issue i’m having currently.

I don’t remember changing anything in my settings and have tried turning my lights (spotlights/rectangular lights) on and off to test if it’s got anything to do with that but to no avail. I’ve also tried increasing the light map resolution on the furniture, ceiling etc. but nothing’s changed. I did increase the texture pool streaming value but this ‘colourful spots’ problem only came up several light builds later.

For reference i’m using a movable Directional Light, a stationary Skylight and all of my spotlights/rectangular lights in the interior space are stationary. Anyone knows the issue? Thanks!!