Coloured instanced mesh is grey when spawned, but coloured in the asset browser

I have a mesh which I’m using as an instanced static mesh. I’ve set the material for it by double clicking the mesh and using the editor. In the editor it has the material and in the preview box at the bottom it has the material, but when spawned as an instance using blueprints, the mesh is grey, as it was before I set the material.

What am I missing?

Click on your Instanced Static Mesh Component. Change the Material there. If you do it on the Mesh itself it sets a new default but does not change anything you already created somewhere (Your Instanced Static Mesh Component in that case)

What’s the point of set static mesh?

They’re still grey? Do you have you vertex map or something? Its just a hex mesh straight out of blender and the material is widgetMaterial_Z, does it need a mapping?

I think you missunderstood me. Open the Blueprint that you spawn into your Scene. Click on the Instanced Static Mesh Compontent there and make sure the Material you want is set there Correctly.

I think I have done? It’s set up like this.

Thanks for your help by the way.

Hmm than there is only one thing left. Open your Material Click on a Empty Spot, Scroll Down in the Details Pannel and make sure you check “Used with Instanced Static Mesh” that should fix it.

That’s the one, thanks man!