Colour Calibration Scene + Capture

Does anyone have any experience with replicating real world materials (particularly car paints) accurately in a colour calibrated scene using a macbeth chart like X-Rite Colour checker classic?
We’re looking at replicating many real world materials and will be reviewed/compared to real samples for accuracy by the client in a static environment and so I’m looking into capturing a 360 HDR image of the said static scene which will include a colour (macbeth) chart. We will then use this HDRI as the light source and enviroment in UE4 but I wondered if anyone had any experience in this area and could share possible solutions/companies we should be talking with about this.

Also has anyone successfully used something like the Nix Color Sensor for capturing real world colours accurately?

Absolutely! There are a few in-engine tools you can use for this. PM me if you still need help.