Colors in UE and other programs don't match?

I’m having a very strange problem.

Let’s say I make a Vector in a material, and set the color to (0.37, 0, 0).


If I take the color (0.37, 0, 0) and put it into another program, like GIMP, I get:


The color on the right is from the screenshot of the node in UE with (0.37, 0, 0), and the color on the left is the color (0.37, 0, 0) as displayed from GIMP.

Moreover, the color on the right is represented by (0.635, 0, 0) in GIMP.

Strange, huh? It seems like UE is displaying the colors brighter than they really are.
Any ideas? Maybe some of you could try this out and see if you get the same results.

In unreal, the colors are in sRGB (which is what it will look like in-game):

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That clears things up. Thanks!

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Disable tonemapper color curve for better color accuracy in rendering.