Colors are not what they are

Color are way off and I don’t know why. Can anyone please explain this to me:

I assume it has something to do with gamma being way different in UE4, is there some setting that lets me just use real colors everywhere without any gamma distortion? Like using real RGB values, so what I have in photoshop is what I get in UE4.

Toggle sRGB option in top-right corner of color settings.

Yea, but that just shows me the wrong color. It is not the actual RGB color.

I agree with Davision. No matter what you do, by toggerling Srgb on/off; that picker doesn’t show the exact color.

That color there in the picker in my screenshot shows the real color, the same you get in Photoshop. When sRGB is on it shows the gamma changed Unreal RGB color. Digging deeper into it I found out that when you put a Power node with 2.2 in front your color you get the real RGB back. sRGB seems to be because of how lighting works but since I don’t care about realistic lighting in my game it doesn’t really matter for me.