Colorizing Noise

Alright guys, I need some help. Is it possible to colorize multiple noise values here?noisetest.JPG

I cannot seem to multiple anything other than the white values, and even then one solid color gets applied to all of the white values.

Are you trying to add a colour to each of those ‘layers’ effectively? Got a screenshot of your current material setup at all?

Right now I have basically the worst workaround I have ever seen. If I multiply that noise by a color, every value that is white is getting multiplied by it. I have no idea how to get multiple values from the noise so that I can have multiple colors on the white values. I am trying to avoid more than one noise node as even just one adds a lot to the instruction count and I don’t want that. Also, I am aware that using noise for a planet shader like this is not so great but this is just more of a little thing that I wanted to do late at night to see if I could get it to work.

Generally if you want to color in black and white, use Lerp (Linear interpolate) with your black/white as the mask, if you want “layers” between the black and white, Floor, Ceil or Frac will help out.

I’ve somewhat got it sorted out, but it really needs some work. I’m trying to get a shadow mask applied to it but the noise node just isn’t having it. If I can get that and some clouds, I’ll likely be done with this little experiment. So far this is what it looks like. Got some normals generated from the noise and city lights applied with a mask.

Edit: Got the clouds working. I feel like I should post how to make this shader as a lesson on how to not make a practical shader. This is the most unoptimized shader I have ever built.