coloring problem with Translucent

I’m using Translucent in material for semi transparent of an object and the color I want is light blue. When I set Opacity to 0, my object will be invisible but when I try to add value to Opacity, the object just turn black. The more I add value of Opacity it just turn black. Please help.

Post a screenshot of your material setup please.

I also tried to link Alpha channel of Color to Opacity and adjust the value around and I got the same result.

You need to decrease the metallic value. Try 0.7 and then go even lower until you get the color you like.

Thx!! I’m trying to make a water material. Once I switch to Translucent, it has no more specular. How to maintain the Shiningness reflect by the sun light?

Enable Screen Space Reflections and set the lighting mode to Surface TranslucencyVolume in the details panel of the material > Translucency. Also plug a specular value, it can be higher than 1.

sorry, what do you mean by plug a specular value? You mean just increase the value of specular or “Directional Lighting Intensity”?

Sorry, i meant increase the value of specular parameter(water_specular in your case) Dont rely on the preview window when it comes to translucent materials, btw. Make sure you observe the changes you make inside your level.

thank you so much!!! very helpful!;):D:o