coloring grass

I’ve not yet done anything in unreal with grass and quite honestly, haven’t done much at all in unreal. But I have a client who wants to show what a kids playground would look like with their artificial turf. The artificial turf has designs in it all contained in a rectangle area. So I wondered if in unreal or twinmotion, is it possible to use an image to drive the color of the grass so that I can just swap out the image to change what the playground would look like? Thanks!

@gswartz You could achieve a passable effect just by having a decent photo ( from directly above ) of the grass, and use it as a texture for the ground…

Hard to say since it depends on what you need. Obviously fake grass doesn’t move with the wind, or change colors because of the wind, so even if you utilize the actual mesh it would be purely static with nothing special happening on the material.

Making the asset can be though. If textures won’t cut it, I would take the base texture to blender and create a full size mesh with a limited number of tris by utilizing the texture’s geometry.

either way, because of the situational need, I would only worry about the full geometry, rather then instancing meshes and all of that.