Colored Shadows - Any direct ways?

Hi everyone. We created a church with a huge stained glass window for our current game. We want the church’s shadow to be on the ground and are now kind of doing a workaround to do it. We basically created three lightmap functions for R,G and B and used it on three lights projecting them to sort of create an illusion of a colored shadow. But the result is not what we expected and now i am trying to figure out how i can do it with Unreal’s translucent shadows. I have only failed so far and now wondering if it is even possible in UE4 or am i just trying something impossible?

Sadly the only colored shadows supported by the engine atm are from a Static light, but those don’t work very well with any dynamic objects like characters. I haven’t tried 3 different lights before. If they are stationary lights, the baked shadows will be distance field shadows which don’t have any opacity, they are either fully shadowed or not. So you will never be able to get colored shadows other than the primary colors (full on or off for each channel).