Color Variation With Foliage Painting

I’m wondering how to randomize the colors in my material based on the world position for foliage meshes. Ideally it will “fill” the entire mesh with a singular chosen color, rather than the kind of blending that happens when overlaying based on a world projected noise. I am trying to use this technique: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: random colour (english) - YouTube It works when placing and moving individual meshes, but when painting as foliage it applies a single color to all of the foliage instances depending on where the painting location ends.

If I remember correctly, the Per Instance Random node could be used for this with some tweaks, but I think the Actor Position also works for the individual foliage objects. It’s been awhile, but I did try out the various ‘x Position’ nodes and I think one of them worked for the procedural grass and foliage painter.

yeah per instance random works with foliage instances, you could just run it through the hue shift node.

Thank you! This solution works great