Color the world in real time

Hi guys,

I am working on a game about colors and poesy so I am trying to make something like “painting” colors.

like this basically:

I am not talking about writing on textures directly I’m talking about a sort of a brush that is erasing a filter.
the “filter” can be a “3D layer” like this:

(but I’m wondering if having 2 scene at same time can be too heavy…)

I tried somethings based on customDepth but it create a lot of problems (basically I cannot make it persistent and the customDepth obviously create depth problems…)

So I’m wondering if you guys have an idea on how could I implement this (just an idea to know where I could try to search will be very helpful :smiley: )

So For now I did this:

On a mesh object.
The world position offset is clearly not mandatory but I think it’s beautiful
It “work” but this is definitely not as beautiful as the examples I posted before…

I tried a new approach which is looking better, more “progressive” more like painting:


I did this using post processing. my post process material looks like this (before tone mapping):

But my problem is still to make it permanent… It seems it’s impossible to write on a texture from the material itself (it’s completely fine it I just write in the VRam, make this colouration savable is not my priority now)